Sunday, November 9, 2008

pageant and poetry

baby duck costume from Amazon

We went to the Adelaide Christmas Pageant but got there extremely late at float number 54 (of 64 floats)- so it was a mini pageant! Actually 10 floats is juust the right number for a 3 year old and an excellent number for me too!

G and her two cousins seemed more interested in the street sweepers that came up fast behind Father Christmas and thought it wonderful they could pick up floating bits of rubbish yey! The pageant used to be so exciting but I think I must be thoroughly adult now because I just couldnt muster that magical feeling- I hoped G could though.

On the way home in the car all was quiet until crystal clear from the booster seat in the back G exclaimed "Luck....rhymes with......F:#k!". I was trying not to laugh so badly even my Dad was startled and he's a Scot (think Billy Connelly). I suggested "yes....but..... duck.... might be a better one because we don't say that other word" (much). They do rhyme though!


humanbean said...

That had me laughing...I can imagine Dad's reaction - "Oh...oh..." I love umbrellabella...and you and EnerGrace and Dad and Sarah and mum and Holly and Christopher...sorry this isn't Facebook is it...
x Susan

boobook said... cute!

umbrellabella said...

Susan! You have a blog now that is soo great- now you have to write something and lots of pictures please and updating because I really miss you!x
PS I dont do much facebooking


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