Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"how do you do it?" (newborn twins and work)

Baby twins, a 6 year old, a husband away in the vineyards and a busy small business that can't wait.
This is how it runs...

I sleep half as much and move twice as fast as before the babies.

There is no time to procrastinate.

On the home front I live permanently at the edge of chaos; this is a great motivator ( I would liken it to being in charge of the fire fuelling a steam engine train going at full speed you cannot stop!).

I dream I'm sleeping.

Shopping at 9pm at the supermarket is a big night out.

I haven't checked my home letterbox for 4 days.

I go to the shops with dry baby vomit on my shoulder and odd shoes and I don't care.

There is no such things as 'just popping in' anywhere, any time.

I am seriously considering getting a headset so I can take calls hands free.

Its a good day if I manage to put earrings on.

I have been known to 'rock' on the spot even when I'm not holding a baby- tonight I realised I was soothingly rocking my shopping trolley!

Last night's dinner was one fish finger and a blob of milkless mashed potato each and nobody dared complain :-)

I compulsively buy notebooks because 'to do lists' symbolise order even if I have no time to write them.

All cups of coffee and tea go cold and I still drink them.

I can type an email, feed a baby, talk parentese, look at colour swatches, and rock a pram all at the same time.


Don't believe I'm really listening even if I'm nodding and making agreeing noises.

Don't believe I'm awake even though my eyes are open.

I'm wondering if you can get a haircut, a dental checkup, a leg wax and a pap smear at the same time and place.

My sense of humour is a badge of honour.

.. I'm doing way better than I thought I would, am grateful of the situation I find myself in; have only cried once; just don't ask me whats going on in politics/world news and don't be offended if I forget your birthday.


Sara said...

oh wow. WOW! You are obviously doing an amazing job Amy, I myself am still emerging from the haze that has been my first year as a mum. I can't believe an entire year has passed and my wee baby is now 1. And I still don't have 'it' together! I can only imagine how hard you have to work every day and every night. Hats off to you.
I just didnt have the energy to blog when I was pregnant nor during his first year, but I am pushing myself to get back into it now. I didn't even read blogs, as such I had no idea you are the proud mum of new twins. Congrats! Also, your past few blog posts have had me so entertained. Thanks for somehow finding the time to post them - you truly are an inspiration to me.

evie dear said...

amazing! keep on keeping on!

Melissa Williams said...

Poppy was born two weeks before Christmas so not long after she was born I popped out to the shops to buy a Christms ham. As I was standing at the checkout I realised I was patting and rocking the ham to sleep like it was a baby. Ha! Very embarrasing. :)

It was wonderful to see you the other day, even though I spent most of the time hogging your babies and harrassing them to go to sleep on my chest. ;)

Julie said...

hang in there! I have even found myself rocking imaginary babies even as a grandmother !!

oscarlucinda said...

bestpostevayouareamazingandfunnytoboot ;)

dear olive said...

holy MOLY lady. You are a star. Kellie xx


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