Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sue O'Loughlin 1939-2009

Dear Sue thankyou for being my oldest friend's very special Mum. Thankyou for opening the front door for me; thankyou for always being excited to see me; thankyou for teaching me about being an artist (starving of course); thankyou for showing me your children's book illustrations, drawings, books and studio; thankyou for being a friend to my Mum; thankyou for sharing your wonderful vocabulary, descriptive stories, colours, laughter and humour with me over the years as a friend of your daughter and as a friend. Thankyou for being real and really fun and funny. All our love to the O'Loughlin family.


humanbean said...

She was a lovely lovely woman.
Love to the O'Loughlin family.

Julie said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman to know as a young woman. I love her painting, a happy assortment of treasures.


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