Friday, September 4, 2009

16 shelves

When I was about 12 I had a shelf in my bedroom which I 'had' to keep immaculately clean and the ornaments on it perfectly displayed. This shelf became an obsession for me and an addiction to Mr Sheen became the result! One of my sisters would laugh at me and shift things ever so slightly to delight in my reaction (a massive pre-teen tanty!). Anyway I got over my obsession with that shelf but I never got over my love for moving things around in other people's shops!

These are the beautiful things I moved around yesterday I guess you could call it 'styling' and me a 'stylist' but its just moving things around really aint it? I love how once you get started it looks like crap with items all over the shop literally and the colour drains from Carly's face and I'm feeling like what have I done? And then it all starts forming and looking better and you are finding lovely new relationships between shapes and colours and then finally the last few pieces seem to click into place and ping everything sweet.

That was yesterday at Nest Studio..... Today was organizing the office; a not so fun job but we couldn't leave it any longer and now there are proper spots for our trimmings and remnants and kits and paper and pencils etc. Next.....Flip Boy as promised- thankyou to everyone holding out patiently on our waiting list. Phew zzz have a good weekend


Julie said...

Moving things is one of may favourite past-times. The shop look beautiful. I have been catching glimpses on the 102 and 104 buses.

umbrellabella said...

Thanks Julie! We desperately need more lighting in the window so you can see in a bit better x!

x x x x Sarah said...

Amy you make the most gorgeous layouts. If I ever sell my house (hve to buy one first haha) can you shjuj it for me pleeeez?


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