Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blades, papercut/collage by Amy Prior (AP) 2008

Beloved papercut/collage (AP 2008)

Blue, papercut/collage (AP 2008)

Bloom, papercut/collage (AP 2008)

Probably looks like I'm eeeking out these images from my exhibition Paper Cuts as some sort of marketing strategy when really its just I am very busy AND very slow!

The next exhibition at A Room Of Her Own, Croydon, South Australia is very soon so I also figured there isn't much point in showing these works after the next show starts! I absolutely love making these; sort of a trance-like process really or maybe thats just the lack of sleep. Three of these sold. 'Blue' is still available if anyone wants to buy it/swap it/have it before I put it in my next garage sale!x


Julie said...

These are great! Blue is lovely and I especially love blades.

umbrellabella said...

I would love you to have Blue if you would like it Julie!> do with it whatever you like- I will bring it to Nest if you come past drop in x my house is going zen

Anonymous said...

I love how intricate your collages are! It must time consuming like you mentioned but by the pay off is great!


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