Saturday, September 6, 2008

There's This Song

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There is this song that I cant get out of my head and its been replaying in my head (just the chorus) over and over and over for more than a week now. As soon as I think it might have gone somebody sings it and blip its right back in there. This song is so contagious it should be banned.

My sister had a job for a short while that she found quite boring and just for kicks we would have bets as to whether she could implant a song into a colleague's head by humming it next to them at some stage of the day and see if they would start singing it. We would choose the track something like ('achy breaky heart' is a good beginners song if you want to try!). Seems some people are more susceptible than others and pick it up really easily- and then spread it to others! It was so funny!

Anyway what Im going through now must be karma.

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