Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fence Hunter

I love this fence. I love the mixture of ordinary council materials and lovely wood.

I have decided to get moving and get fitter. I love walking but I know within a week I just won't be motivated. No I need an incentive; something to move me more than the promise of an ab (or 6). I'm thinking of combining two current loves of mine- taking photos and fence research. I know I am sooo boring.

Our front garden doesn't have a fence and whilst I quite like the idea of no fence (sociologically), it would be great for G to have more of an area to safely play. But once we started looking at options I realised a fence is not just a fence; its a symbol and its expensive.

'The fence' , its construction, size and shape, is (after functionality) all about aesthetic impression, otherwise, everyone would have a colorbond fence. I could write a thesis on this!

Walking the streets of the suburbs in Adelaide I am astonished at how much fence I have never noticed. Some people's fences confuse me, other people have gone to Enormous effort to create elaborate shell covered monstrosities (yes shells) which must be some kind of nautical fantasy and others dress their fence first then the house because they care very much about how people see them.

So here starts my journey to find the most interesting, intriguing, beautiful, and ugly fences in Adelaide. Hopefully I can get rid of the gut at the same time without noticing!

Take another look. This fence is 20cm high! Why!!!? Good for a sausage dog I guess.


Julie said...

I know what yoyu are saying, people love boundaries even if the are just symbolic and token. Hmmm....I think you have just sparked some thoughts on broader topics.

Chrissy ForemanC said...

I think that sometimes even the most seemingly 'boring' themes can make for amazing and rewarding arts practices. Just last week I met a man who was infatuated with the bark on trees, and had spent huge amounts of time travelling around and photographing them close-up. And my goodness, they are spectacular!


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