Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday drive

photo by Yumi

It was grey and gloomy yesterday but we decided to drive to Blackwood to visit my Grandmother's grave for the first time. Only problem was I didnt know which cemetery to go to and with nearly every member of my family out of touch I thought I would test out my psychic ability and find it instead 'by vibe'.

G (who is three) was in the back of the car desperate with questions; "where are we going?", "where is Great-Grandmother's house?", "are we going to see Great-Grandmother?", "how does she get to be ashes?". So map in hand (hopeless) and fielding impossible questions (poor G, how can she possibly understand we are going to visit Grandmother's ashes but that Grandmother wont be there?) and the phone ringing (hi Carly!) I was trying not to piss myself laughing as I felt so ridiculous and knew I was pissing off S.

Then I remembered Grump knows! So we rang Grump and he gave us directions thankfully.

A beautiful, old cemetery with old, old gravestones and the sun had come out which was nice. I felt mildly deflated that I couldn't find the place 'on my own' but joked that I would give my psychic powers one more go. Standing in the centre of the cemetery I said "Im going to find Grandmother" pointed myself in a direction and strode 10 metres directly to her name. Grandmother might have found that amusing!

It was really nice to go there, I wasnt scared or upset, it was a nice place.
G was really interested in knowing every name on every tombstone, Janey, William, Pearl, Ivy, Bob, Florence, Margaret, we read them all. Graves that were 95 years old but still tended to with flowers-from whom?!

I should have taken a flower- I will next time.


Sarah said...

I am glad you found it. How is the rose?

umbrellabella said...

Hi Bunna! Im sorry I didnt see a rose but I may have missed it.xox

Julie said...

A great journey (with all the highs and lows of all great journeys) with a happy ending. I love old names I bet your Grandma had a nice one too!

umbrellabella said...

Margaret :-)


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