Sunday, August 31, 2008


Photograph -fresh and perky by Rushay

Occasionally, at night just before going to sleep I can start churning and thinking about really sad things. I do not know why this happens but its a really bad habit! Walking through every room in my Grandmother's house (she died recently) is a classic. Its almost like I am testing myself for how I react to pulling out the old memories; just checking on how grief has evolved? Or how I would manage if something really bad happened in the future. Thats a fun one (!).

Needless to say it can be difficult to sleep so I ask my husband for a 'nice image' because he's THE best at that. So he winges a bit because you know he is half asleep and then goes quiet..... but about a minute later in the dark he says, totally dead-pan voice, the most perfect thing- a mental picture with no possible negative associations.

"Three baby birds in a nest".
"G's paper streamers".
"Warm sun on grass".

I just love it x! because it always a new one and you know its actually quite hard to NOT choose something like 'ocean' which can, if you are melancholy and prone to it, turn dark. For example 'ocean'- ok mental picture...... lovely blue water.....horizon......far.....deep.......whats under the surface?...a shark! friggen jaws munching and crunching..scenes from drowning in that movie The Piano and then its all down hill.

So anyway I thought I'd share my cheesy haiku moment with you.

PS there is a most beautiful blog full of relaxed sunshiney images here x


Mc Cranky! said...

What a lovely story. When I'm about to go to sleep I think about arguments I've had over the years and all the thing i should have said but didn't think of at the time.

Julie said...

You write beautifully and convey thoughts and images so clearly -thankyou*. They are beautiful sleepy images - I will be thinking of a warm nest of four brids when I put myself of to sleep tonight. P.S. I know a beautiful, warm and inspiring place to visit too.

the projectivist said...

oh you lucky bint!
3 birds in a nest? genius.
lovely post.
i do something similar for my children when they have nightmares.
at first it used to be 'make your christmas list for Santa' but that's not cutting it anymore, they're older and wiser, and hip to the notion that i'm fobbing them off in order to get back to sleep as quickly as possible.
now it's bunnies in ballet slippers and mini pink feather boa's. or anything else my sleep addled mind can come up with that sounds vaguely nice!
oh yes - keep up the hunt for the best fence. i don't get the 20cm high one either?!

Rush said...

hey thats a lovely pic where u took it he he.just got your e mail you sent me today i never check on that e mail addy thanks for the shout


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