Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sleeping on the job

One of the first Japanese words I learnt whilst in Japan was 'henzutsu'; 'hen' meaning strange and 'zutsu' meaning headache. It was imperative I learn this word as I am prone to the twice a year migraine and need to explain why I suddenly look blank and pale. You can only really know what this is like if you get them yourself .

Funnily my migraines dont hurt much but render me visual stuffed for want of a better term-ya! in fact there IS a better term.....auru....sounds moody and exotic but NO! Get a picture from a magazine, cut bits of it out and sprinkle the bits randomly on top and there you have it, what I see when I have an aura migraine.

This week it happened whilst at work so I rang the boss, shut the shop, pulled out the Yellow Pages as a pillow and went to sleep on the floor behind the counter! Fifteen minutes later jumped up A-OK opened the shops door and back to business! My boss says "THATS the kind of worker we want!".

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