Tuesday, June 5, 2012

from little things...

The twins/life work balance is a little tricky hey :-) I have had to juggle things more than ever before which means sometimes my blog suffers in favour of the Umbrella Prints blog and I pack orders at work but can't find the time to write that letter to a friend I have been thinking of for ages. Luckily I love my work and the edges blur between work and play and family so it doesn't feel sooo disjointed.

The past months have been a whirlwind with the Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition growing bigger each year.  The packs take quite a lot of time to put together it's not exactly random and we aren't sweeping them off the floor!  One day I'm going to do a little photo sequence showing the process from beginning to end of making a packet...the most exciting thing being that my 'end' is the customer's 'beginning' as far as the life of a packet of Trimmings goes. And aint that what it's all about right? what YOU DO with our fabric.

So today I'd like to show you just a few of the hundred's of packets of Trimmings we sent out for this year's comp.  These are photograph's taken by our customer's in their own homes. If you haven't seen what has been made this year it is worth checking it out over here! Clever and thoughtful and resourceful are words that spring to mind; perhaps you would like to 'pin' your favourite it counts as a 'vote' and a nod to making something big grow from something little. x

Source: flickr.com via Amy on Pinterest

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lisa stubbs said...

wow have you had twins!!? congratulations! xxx
I'm so behind with everything! in a lovely way not a stressfull way, I've just seen the photo's of the twins from previous post, gorgeous! how lucky are you! just lovely! Work life balance will never balance so concentrate on the life bit otherwise it'll pass you by, work will always be there and expand to fill all your time!
I love your competition and I'm so sorry I didn't have the time I'd planned to work on it, but I'm still enjoying using your beautiful fabrics for my fabric art x


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