Sunday, April 15, 2012


At home this week I did nine loads of washing, fed babies 72 times, changed what felt like 100 nappies, wrote 4 blog posts in my head (sorry for not sharing them), watched my orange tree die, watched my frangipani stem come back from the dead into new green leaves which gave me hopes for the orange tree, missed my friends in real time whilst writing to them on Facebook, planned G's amazing magical birthday party and then downsized it mentally, drew a lot, designed a few patterns I feel really happy with (will show later) enjoyed the sun on my back whilst hanging out fresh wet clothes; enjoyed the breeze. Was tired beyond belief and on automatic pilot with patches of feeling 100% alive and full of energy and then frustrated for lack of time alone with pen and paper. Sounds like a weather report!

At the studio this week, at night, I packed Trimmings, wrote up a FAQ post here, stamped lots of mail, spotted a few gorgeous Trimmings creations popping up around on the web!!  Most requested pack of Trimmings this week definitely Super Girly which is a bit like the photos I've chosen for this post ha ha...hope you are having a nice weekend wherever you are xxx

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Tali said...

Love the colours in your laundry sink! And tell me when you are going into the studio next!!!


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