Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have been included in a sunshine award! I must answer these questions...  :)
Favourite colour...I've always answered that question with warm red or bluey greeny colour but in all the things I've collected or pinned or loved there is a LOT of pale pink
Favourite animal...I think they are all amazing. I had awesome eye contact with a flamingo once at Adelaide Zoo. I can't choose but if a horse dies in a movie I will cry.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink...cooooffee is soo goood

Facebook or twitter...pinterest

Favourite number...8 is pretty but 3 is significant so 3

Favourite day of the week...Friday; something might happen soon

My, colour, my children, my family, my friends, Umbrella Prints, finding, books, looking for things, arranging, pattern, fabric, surprises, connections, making things beautiful 

Getting or giving presents...getting 'presents' from my daughter, a flower, a texta pattern; she totally gets me

Favourite you want my brain to explode?!

Favourite flower...all of them, ok ok um wild pale pink tea roses growing in a wild place

Thanks for including me Joanna!

1 comment:

Gemma @ Jac Whippet said...

Yay to coffee and Fridays, loved finding out more about you :)


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