Sunday, February 5, 2012

A-Z and allover

What can I say! I'm running at least a month behind where I'd like to be over here.
Life has been a crazy whirlwind; a mish mash of fun, family, work, laughter, tears and mind numbing sleep deprivation. Having twins means its milkees time at least 12 times in 24 hours a full time job in itself not to mention other children, phonecalls and work. Yes I have been back at work, a place I love to be, luckily.

The upcoming year is going to be challenging and exciting. Carly and I are in the final moments of completing a chapter in a book we were asked very kindly to assist with- more on that later when we can let cat out of bag.
We are rebooting and restructuring our lines of fabric at Umbrella Prints and and almost about to announce Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition III.  There is so much to do and show in the upcoming months I do hope you join me here, Carly here and Umbrella Prints here, for the ride!

x the slightly-late-night-hyper-version-of-me
hope you are happy and well

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