Saturday, February 18, 2012

thinking places

As much as I enjoy the relentless whizz of imagery through style blogs and shogs (my name for blogs run by shops) I really love coming across quieter spaces on the internet where people are just writing their thoughts because they love what they do so much and I think these blogs deserve more love, time and comments!

For example the textile files which I enjoyed reading this morning really captures what I was trying to say in my last post about fabric and memories.

Can you recommend any other quiet more personal blogs out there?


Solveigh Goett said...

Thank you, Amy! You are right - my blogs and website are there to get lost in and find unexpected stories & treasures.

Solveigh Goett said...

you might also enjoy my other blog Tales from the fabric of life:

and my website Mirabilia Domestica:

Amy Prior said...

Hi Solveigh! Thanks xxx


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