Sunday, February 12, 2012

looking for something

Working in a shop/studio amongst a stretch of antique shops is sometimes like being in a Leunig cartoon.

Actual conversation

enter little very old man

little very old man " hello, we are looking for a little musical box, one with a ballerina in it that spins" ...."we found one but its ballerina was missing" ...."we have a little Grand daughter; we would love to give her a little musical box with a ballerina in it , you know one that spins"

shopkeeper "no I'm sorry we don't have one...have you tried up the street?"

sweet little very old man " oh yes we've walked the whole street into every shop"

shopkeeper " well have you tried the internet something like ebay?"

sweet little old man " oh yes well that's an idea yes well we'll try that; thank you!"
exit little old man

Awww. Such a short little conversation and off he went.  Heart breaking on a hot day. Hope he found one... a really nice one... for five dollars.


KLT said...

Sweet. I hope he finds one too. :)

Julie said...

Bless sweet little very old man :)


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