Friday, January 6, 2012

a word

Without realising it I have started a 'tradition' for myself; that is finding one word which pertains to my hopes and thoughts on the future year.  Ive done it for four years now! Thing is I usually forget the word I have picked until the end of the year when I look back and realise how apt the word actually became. And hey it actually works! like that 'put your dreams under the pillow' thing you may have heard.

Until two nights ago I had no word, at least not the perfect word I needed for 2012.  But drifting to sleep tumbling thoughts brought forward one word loud and clear- STRENGTH. Personally, physically and professionally this is the word for the year.

Strength in my body; pregnant with twins most of last year now I feel like they stole all my iron and all my  muscles.
Strength in my mind; I don't need sleep or to feel guilty if I do.
Strength to hold together a family and my work whilst stretching to do it all emotionally, financially and time-wise.
Strength to accept it if that's not actually possible!
Strength of conviction; even if no one agrees (except Carly!) I must trust my eye and my design instinct and have conviction that certain ideas can be produced/liked/useful/commercial.
Strength to keep getting back up despite the knocks whatever they are.
Strength to strengthen existing contacts; skills; collections; systems

In other words this year I don't need to 'get' anything but to strengthen what I have.

Bloody hippy=me.


jane said...

Sounds like a very good word for you, to me. Hang onto it tightly, because I know you will need it at times.

Ps You're no hippy!...xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

2009 MOVE
2011 .......

What was 2011? I am trying to refrain from work out video references :D

Amy Prior said...

Yeah I know...get this 2011 was..momentum! They all have physical and mental meanings...I didnt do that on purpose! xxx aerobics!


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