Wednesday, January 18, 2012

her world

I had to think really hard about whether to give G (aged 6) her own camera...she had been asking for one for ages but I'm all for living in the moment not viewing the moment objectively from behind a lens.  But then I thought it could be a great way for G to learn how to really take care of something worth more than $2... as well as a unique opportunity for her to record some of the major changes that have been going on around here lately (twins!)... also maybe a camera would make her feel like she had a bit of control and her own space in the sometimes chaos of our small house (twins!).

So Father Christmas gave G a 'real' camera and I taught her that a lens is as sensitive as an eye and you shouldn't touch it.  I feel a bit like an intruder looking through her shots....(I found the camera carefully packed in its case under a pile of pencil drawings and a half eaten banana).  Totally under the radar I didn't notice her take any of these pics?! Also G hasn't been indoctrinated yet with photographic standards of good taste and standards of framing and and rules of good proportion and eyes that edit like you get when your older and you've been to art school.

Blurry, fuzzy, funny, mega closeup, she's right in there... I love them all


Gillian said...

Great photos! Especially the smiling baby in the last one. Abby (also 6) received a camera for Christmas too. She has fun with it but I might have to explain about the lens/eye.

Miss Prudence said...

Oh these are just perfect! My girl has been doing this for years too, and i love her special angles and very special. Are you both going to make an album for her?

Julie said...

I LOVE these photos! Your daughter has a real eye for detail?


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