Thursday, December 29, 2011

me my 2011

I've hardly had a moment to reflect on the past year except for the two days that it has taken to write this post! So here we 2011.... in list form and no particular order...the bits that stick....

walk, walk, walk;
suburbia; think; concrete; create; headphones music;
Umbrella Prints; studio; fun; ironing; emails; injections, tests, doctor;
frustration; heartache; patience; car parking; ducks; kindness; robbery; photographs; Grace, wobbly teeth; looking closer; looking up
reading again; Down and Out in London and Paris; Catcher in the Rye (finally); Bourdain- Kitchen Confidential;
How to be an Explorer of the World; Little Artists Handmade; block printing; baby names; hugs; Mum, Sarah; real estate
beautiful students doing amazing work; fabric rolls; deliveries; breathe out; mistakes;
school visits; screen printing; gifts; fresh; painted paper; mess; vintage; marzipan; darkness; shadows; shapes; Willow; biro; drawing; doodles; wood tile; bangles; patronage; offers; Kevin MCloud; books on colour
brunette to blonde to brunette; mirrors; pinterest; contact; beads; colour chips; Dad; hug; helloo; pot plant collage, marbles, Dala, religious icon, head planter; glass jars; bright orange gum blossoms; driving; laughing at the studio; photo shoot; Rock Dots; collection;
you're pregnant!
two heart beats!!
waiting, waiting, more waiting, "cute little ski-jump nose"; care; cleaning; light pink; bright pink; patchwork; tsunami; politics; war; roses;  ice, rocks, terracotta, crumbling, powdery; screens; hose; wet feet; Holly & Oliver rainbow love; doctor; trust; WCH; tests; fear; pain; feeling good; working; Anna; Clare; Sarah G on my mind; mineral water; window displays; friends; facebook; sick Cat; competition; care factor; suspense; graphs; no sleep; belly; hospital, nurses; the A-team
Eve Sophia and Rose Catherine
hello; air; small faces; big eyes; new; soft skin; tiny; eye contact; love; heart beats; flowers; family;
patience; visits; toes; gavage, midwives, baby blankets, emails, cotton; pram
warm bath; bubbles; smiles
coffee; home; Stefan; Grace; family; house; heaven; mess; 
milk, fever, curves; 36; cold white wine; friends
happy...howabout you?


flowerpress said...

Love it :-)
Hello Eve and Rose.
Happy New Year!

liza said...

Wow! What a huge year for you. Yes, breathe... in and out! Amazing. Happy New Year to you and your big family!

manda said...

double cuteness and what a big year! happy new one x

Julie said...

Beautiful water babies. Wow what a big year you have had. Thanks for all your sharing on Rain and Shine :)

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

so beautiful! love your word list to sum up the year ~ says it all so well.
hope you are doing well xx


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