Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm still here! the nesting mode has kicked in majorly; I have been cleaning the tops of cupboards, cleaning the phone, cleaning the light switches; throwing out old spices and toothbrushes, shampooing the car interior, de-rusting the window fittings, eating ice, wandering the house at night like a ghost, can't sleep, and cleaning the cleaning products.

Meanwhile S has been painting, plastering, ripping whole walls out, sanding something and then falling asleep on the couch covered in dust, glass in hand.

Probably G is the most normal person in the house at the moment though a bit unsure of how twins will impact her current role as only child, only Grandchild (on my side) and only niece to all of my sisters and brother. Whoa things are a changing!

But I'm crazy nervous about the changes too; I love my work and Carly and Tali  too much to stop working even for a week! And I'm wondering how I will ever be able be spontaneous ever again.  I think my best tools will be a sense of humour; loads of gratitude and a bit of luck xxx


yardage girl said...

Love the nesting rituals! Changes are good - some things stay, some things go and some things get replaced. You sound like you know what you want to hold on to, so you'll be fine! Happy days ahead ~ enjoy!

Gillian said...

Yes good luck!


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