Monday, August 22, 2011

I first these images on pinterest but you can find them here. If this is sand magnified between 30 and 300x normal size then imagine what beauty we walk on and over everyday without a second thought.

I'm loving images like this these days in particular because, whilst having had an interest in rocks since I was little, I am experiencing a really weird side effect of being pregnant and that is obsession with clay and chalk and rocks and crunchy things.

I would be quite happy sitting in a quarry all day mashing my feet into gravel or crushing bits of broken terracotta in a mortar and pestle ; or fantasizing about licking sandstone on a walk up in the hills.  My doctor says THIS IS NORMAL!  I love my doctor.


flamehair said...

Ha! Pregnancy sure does odd things to your brain, doesn't it? When I was pregnant with Poppy I was so obsessed with ice that I took to scraping the inside of the freezer with a spoon just to get the little shavings off!

Umatji said...

great pics, lovely obsession and weeeee - your pregnant! how exciting. I am flip flopping wildly between being clucky and horrifyingly terrified by the idea!


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