Thursday, July 28, 2011

beads and leaves and fabric and feet

My classes this week at Nest Studio have been really lovely and chilled; beautiful painted papers, textured water colour paper, friends, new faces, scissors; no pencils; no rules and no rush.  You can see more beautiful pictures over Carly's way and a collage I did because I couldn't just not do one too!

On Umbrella Prints front we have been so busy, good busy that is, in contrast to last week which was a this-is-seriously-stressful-and-there-is-nothing-I-can-do-about-it. As business grows so does pressure on deadlines and in the chain of events to produce a fabric there can be many stumbling points- a delay anywhere along that line can manifest ten-fold at the final destination.

We were excited to be featured in interior designer Anna Spiro's new online store in the form of Umbrella Prints's Grand Hearts in Highlighter Pink made into cushions.
Also we have a new colour in Grand Hearts-Smokey Black and Bosc Pear is back too. We have filled all the pre-orders thank you to those customers waiting patiently for this fabric.

Also Carly and I have designed a suite of new designs for our sewing range of fabrics which will be show-casing late November at the Australian Quilters Market, Melbourne but no clues for now not yet :-)

On a personal front I can no longer see my feet, walk at about half the normal pace and have surrendered to life in tracksuit pants at least for the foreseeable future until these babies are born and maybe even after for years -yes that is a threat!


jane said...

What a lovely post. Sort of peaceful but exciting too with a new colour in Grand Hearts and new sewing range designs in the pipeline. Busy women !.... all that AND invisable feet and track-pantage and collage.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

glad the stress has become manageable and can't wait to see your new designs. exciting about your feet disappearing :)

Julie said...

I do love this technique with the paint strokes and cutting out patterns. Sounds like you have been happily creative and productive. Glad to hear you are getting good wear out of the trackies. Hope to stop by soon on a day off. x


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