Monday, June 20, 2011

last week in pics

Last week was a jam packed I haven't had time to stop let alone write a post so here is one with mainly pics.
Highlights include:

Making a new window, A Little Artists Handmade window for Carly's book launch...window featuring our new Umbrella Prints Grand Hearts chair in Biro blue (on wool denim the light side).  This is one lush chair, an original Parker and Knoll's vintage beauty from London and in our fabric a complete one off.  Must photograph this properly this week.

Little Groovers Owl Rattles and Roddy & Ginger cushions look really pretty next to each other.


I made these origami paper boxes to add to the window display... just because. With a shuffle and a sweep and a big schoosh we had the shop looking ready for a party.

I remembered to take TWO photos this time rather than the usual none or one. The Launch of Little Artists Handmade was fun, intimate and just a lovely family and friend atmosphere. Here are the girl's twirling.

And Saturday's art classes went off without a hitch the next morning; painting and clay; pretty damn cute!!!

Jem loves subs.

Lucia's butterfly in clay.

Mia's cactus in the sun.

Adele's lady in paint and clay.

Luka's Krakan.

That's not all but more news soon zzz!


Colette said...

Wow what a busy week - I love those clay creations.
Not sure if you saw my comment on your brooch post - I got it and love it, thank you! I just put it on my blog to share with everyone.

small catalogue said...

That is one glorious chair!


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