Saturday, June 4, 2011

in a new light

This week in a nutshell!
Firstly we have a redesigned Umbrella Prints website
Even more trees around bending with persimmons.
Cold feet mornings.
Carly and I designing something new coming sooon. 
Playing with colour chips, bits of fabric, moving things around, adding and taking away until just right. Paying way too much for fridge repairs.
Waiting way too long at the post office (read pergatory).
My Dad winning best G-pa on the earth for effort, patience, humour and food creativity.
Early nights to bed I love my bed so much. 
Catching up with my mate Anna and her three boys was so excellent and so overdue for my soul. 
Clay everywhere in the studio with the kids making tiles.
Memories brought on by Lenny in the form of hearing this
Anyone feel like a boogie?


x x x x Sarah said...

yaay keep on keeping on. xxx

annamama said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit to my chaotic stinky nest. It was so great seeing you and ridiculously overdue. Can't wait for our Ambush Dinner at Your Place!!xxx

Amy Prior said...

yes cannot wait I'm drumming up dessert x!


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