Tuesday, June 28, 2011

here and there and everywhere

Now that Umbrella Prints has me writing over here I'm finding it hard to know where to post my thoughts; here or there?  When you invest your whole self into a small business the personal and professional become intertwined and even more when you work as a partnership (with Carly) where you both have 'separate' artistic identities that combine to become one business and that at other times are quite distinct.   Confused yet?!

When something great happens with Umbrella Prints I want to shout it out here personally and over at the Umbrella Prints blog professionally; but what do I do? Write two separate posts about the same thing? or replicate the same post on each blog?  After all isn't it the personal day to day inspiration that feeds the designs and the business which impacts the personal so..argh? must stop thinking too much!

I'm off outside  to pick a small bunch of pink daisies, wild lavender and sour sobs (just working with what I've got!) in an effort to lift my house and clear my head. In the meantime here in my virtual house I hope you enjoy these AMAZING photographs and flowers from another duo Little Flower School whose arrangements and classes and words are inspiring me with so much beauty and action today.


Anonymous said...

I’ve come across a few blogger with this challenge. The best approach seems to be to pick the most appropriate blog for each post and publish it in full there. On the other blog post a brief (sentence or two) mention along with a link to it.

Amy Prior said...

Thanks Ollie


I have just started to follow your blog and this post really resonates with me because I have been querying the same things myself.
Ollie's comment is a welcome one as that is kind of what I am doing at the moment and it is good to hear that is an okay approach to take.


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