Friday, May 20, 2011

this week

This week

-Carly and I announced a new Umbrella Prints blog but with all the previous Umbrella Prints related blog posts from the past 4 years or so (our moving giveaway is still on details here)

- I get to spread my blog wings here again as 'myself' with all the highs and lows and personal bits and pieces and more about my artwork and ideas etc

- we posted up our gorgeous basecloth in a choice of two colours to our Australian online shop!!!
We have used these certified organic fabrics as the basecloth of our entire Umbrella Prints screen printed fabric range for 4 years now so we know this cloth is beautiful and strong and soft and extra wide and that you will love it for sewing cushions, homewares, quilts, quilt backings, structured clothing and light upholstery. 1/2 metre =$14; 1metre=$28.

-I have been loving all the persimmon trees in people's front gardens bursting with bright rich orange fruit

-made extra long inchworms from clay with my children's classes at Nest Studio

-took the above photographs of Ottos wood factory, Stepney with corrugated iron so old it looks like crumpled paper

-finally coming to terms with the fact that my life is about to change irrevocably


flowerpress said...

that last ones a bit cryptic!

Amy Prior said...

ha ha I think your the only one to notice that :-)!

Kerina said...

Ate my first persimmon this week – unfamiliar, but good. And regarding the changes/challenges ahead, I have no doubt you'll be amazing xx :)


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