Friday, March 11, 2011

Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Umbrella Prints trimmings competition 2011

Is the competition international?
Yes; we have sent trimmings packs as far and wide as Hawaii, Denmark and Japan. 
If a posty can get there in time and you have a letterbox you can enter!

but I can't sew?
we never said you had to sew anything x

How do I take a nice photograph of my trimmings and my creation for Flickr? 
Our top tips for taking nice, clear photographs are

1. don't use a flash indoors...ever.... it drains colour like a sponge
2. get enough light, natural light is best
3. take the wrapping off your trimmings pack :-)
4. get in real close
5. use a plain background
6. lock in your focus

Can I combine your trimmings with other fabrics in my project?
Of course! but please acknowledge the designer of the other fabrics too.

I entered last year can I enter again?
yes welcome back

How many times can I vote here May 6- May 10, 2011?
once please but you can get you mates to join in

What does the winner win?
1 metre of any Umbrella Prints fabric (your choice)
A generous remnants pack of our new range of fabrics (coming soon)
A pair of our beautiful Teardrops and Petals earrings
An Umbrella Prints gift card set
AND a mystery gift...???
Around $250 worth of booty.

Who won last year?
The lovely and talented Lisa Stubbs from the UK (more on Lisa's work soon)

I'm stuck?
You are only limited to your imagination.
Stick it, hang it, wrap it, sew it, stitch it, combine it, deconstruct it, add to it, bend it, stiffen it, embellish it, patch it, and on and on....

What if I do the same as someone else?
No two packets are the same, no two people are the same, no two projects will be the same.

What's the most important thing to remember?
Join the Flickr group Umbrella Prints
Upload the photos of what you make to Flickr as well as a photo of your Trimmings pack
Tag each of your photographs umbrellaprints, trimmings2011
Have fun!


Jessi said...

we are waiting for our trim packs to come! excited to do this!

Mandalin said...

One quick question! Can I mix the two trimmings packs I purchased to make a single item?

Amy Prior said...

Hi Mandalin mmm yes but please write in your description that you used two packets etc x Amy

P├ętra said...

I bought my trimming packet last year can I still use it for this contest? I have been waiting to do something fun with it and I'd love to do this!


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