Tuesday, March 1, 2011

love heart

Our new print run for Grand Hearts is underway. Carly and I have spent a while choosing and re-choosing the four colours that make it to Grand Heart status.
We have had many emails regarding up-coming colours so here is a peak at what we have locked in....

Grand Hearts in:

Kimono Red- a favourite colour in this print; a warm welcoming red on organic hemp/cotton

Biro (NEW) on wool denim interior; we like the inside stripe of the denim better than the usual side :-)
Biro is a dark blue without the executive look; we are aiming for the brightness and depth of indigo dye

Highlighter Pink (NEW) is going to poppity pop like crazy kapow on organic hemp/cotton.

and Bosc Pear (NEW) is an elegant spicy earthy colour that looks gorgeous with wood.

This week's new photoshoot of an old favourite,


x x x x Sarah said...

totally love these ;)
we all need a bit more love in our lives.

Umatji said...

always a fan of the 'other side'


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