Wednesday, February 2, 2011

'ugly' is in

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We are all encouraged to support flood affected areas in Queensland and rural NSW by continuing to buy fruit and vegetables locally even if produce is bruised or damaged or 'ugly'.

There couldn't be a more timely message for society in general, I reckon anyway. I was brought up to celebrate the imperfections in vegies because they indicated that they grew somewhere natural, would be better for you and taste better.

Perfectly attractive people getting plastic surgery is another example of how screwed up and obsessed with exterior we are as a society.  There is a French word - jolie laide- which describes a woman of unconventional beauty, but whose flaws gives their faces character and irresistable allure.  I do not know of an English equivalent nor one for objects, places, foods.

If we all need to reuse, cherish, value, retain, see potential within, become more resourceful and less wasteful then seeing beauty and worth in imperfection is more important than ever. x

that's my rant for today :-)


Anonymous said...

I must be gorgeous then!! seriously though I couldn't agree more.

Anna Lloyd said...

I totally agree


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