Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Cat Power/Michael Hurley
You wash them clothes 
Swee dee dee 
And hang 'em on the line 
I can see by the way 
You wash them clothes 
Your cookin' must be fine


inaluxe said...

Very cool choice - love Cat Power, and Michael Hurley (Holy Modal Rounders) very awesome indeedi-do!

Amy Prior said...

thankx inaluxe just trying to get revved up to do my own washing/cooking

Umatji said...

oh inspiring indeed - what fine words!

Julie said...

Love this song. I have told my partner that when we have a dog I would like it to be called swee dee dee - I still have a bit of selling to do on that one. I am about to launch into house work, will have to chose some tracks to get me through.


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