Thursday, January 6, 2011

looking out and looking in

I had a good think about my 'word' for this year whilst away with Stefan and G (Waipinga).  
2009 was move, 2010 was stretch
Both words came true in many ways; physically, symbolically and mentally, . Last year felt exciting like I was stretching up and out on tippy toes to reach all sorts of symbolic jars of creativity and opportunity; some jars I could reach easily whilst others proved really tricky, required the help of others, required contortions and were really hard to reach. (everyone knows stretching feels really great but sometimes it hurts!). So that was last year, really great but not easy.

I am so sure this year's word for me is momentum. Which means think less, worry less, relax more, trust more, become more aerodynamic and just get rollin.

PS loved this rockpool at Blowhole Beach in Deep Creek Conservation Park, South Australia
yellow bobbly seaweed, fresh water and a mini crab; surrounded by craggy rocks and big waves

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sunshine gb march said...

i love the idea of a word for the year. so much more interesting than a business plan or resolution. and more encompassing. and more freedom to dream. i like. i like.


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