Monday, January 10, 2011

amateur psychoanalysis

I have been on a quest to find out what my favourite colour is.
Ordinarily my answer would be 'red' or 'combinations of colours like peach, red and grey' or 'all colours are beautiful'.  But right now I don't know.

Kimono Red (Umbrella Prints) comes to mind but since we printed Red my eyes are being drawn to cooler colours.  Then Carly insists my actual favourite colours are pale pink and sort of celadon green colour and that everything I like has these colours in them and that I'm just in denial. Carly says her favourite colour is red, complete bull, I say her colours are orange and green with a fair old dash of mustard in there too.  You see these things are very important when you are on holidays and itching to get back to work in the studio!!!

Enter Flickr favourites; a composite mixture of sub-consciously chosen identity signifiers, here is a link to mine or see above.  In 20 pages of someone's favourites you could probably discover all of there passions, dreams, memories, desires.  Its like a fingerprint; everyone's is unique.  Even people I think would have very similar favourites to me have hugely different favourites which I find fascinating.

It's a bit like those slot machines with four coloured lights that you randomly press/choose and when complete a printed-paper-personality-synopsis pops out based on your choices and based on psychology behind colour.....'you are a fun-loving extrovert who likes sports'....'you are a sensitive, dreamy poet who has trouble making friends'....and so on.

I would love to find some software that could analyze an individual's Flickr Favourites or even let me know what my favourite colour actually is.  The best I could find is Tafoni's Flickr Favourites Explorer which groups your favourites by user- this is an easy way to find people whose photographs you might be favouriting a lot without realizing.

Perhaps I need an outside opinion but by looking at my own favourites I can definitely see many many patterns repeated all the way through over a year's choices....

a lot of bright acidy yellow, a propensity for lucid but dream-like imagery, fabrics, unusual paradises, kissing, red lipstick, floating, flowers, babies and er....heaps of light pink and celadon!


inaluxe said...

Happy new year Amy! Had to laugh where you say "bull" to Carly's favourite being red. It's funy isn't it - colour. I used to think my favourite was red too... I still love it, but in smaller doses these days. It took mre a long time to figure out it wasn't quite as prominent for me as I imagined. Love this experiment, and yes, it would be cool to have the ability to analyze it further. Have a great week! K.

Nest Studio said...

Blowing my mind!! Someone must be researching this for sure...
Have to say it.. I AM RIGHT. you love warm greeny watery blues with warm peachy pinks... with a pop of yellow for some excitement. I think this shows you yearning for calm as well as your caring thoughtful nature.

Julie said...

Oh these are wonderful to look at and each time I do I zoom in on something different. Love the colour stream. I think I am going to have to try this one too :-).


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