Friday, October 1, 2010

Tony Boy

 My Dad emailed with his view this morning:

 'Tony Curtis- not  a  great  actor  but  he was an  entertaining  and  more  importantly  an enduring  one
  married   6  times   ... poor  booger    ..  the first  being   janet  leigh    and  the  daughter  jamie  lee  curtis.  I'll  bet  emanuel  schwartz  a  hungarian  jew   immigrant  to  the  bronx  NY  did  not  think  that  his  son  bernard  would  get  to  the  top  in  Hollywood.
Us  male  oldies   all  knew  if  you  had  the  hair  for  it    you  would  ask   the  barber  for    a   ''tony curtis'' 'RIP  tony  boy'

 He was so fantastic in Houdini. Also a painter later in life and a lover of colour.


Julie said...

Gawd he really was gorgeous. I was a bit sad too when I pulled up abc news this morning. RIP Tony.

Lx - my mr lugs said...

He was just so gorgeous in his "hey day"!! LOVE the fact that your dad would ask for a Tony Curtis hair cut... now cool it that!! LOVE the old films!!


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