Saturday, July 3, 2010


We just turned the lights on!
Umbrella Prints table lamps; pictured here in sumi black FanFlower (organic hemp/cotton) $145.
Carly and I do custom orders for these babies too :-)
Australian hand made and available at Nest Studio or contact us.

The gorgeous print behind our light is by Inaluxe and the little bird whistles are from Latvia.


inaluxe said...

I love it - so stark, yet intricate. The pattern is one of my faves, but then everything you two design rocks! gorgeousness. xo Have a great weekend! K

Amy Prior said...

Hey thanks inaluxe-
I spy inaluxe in this photograph too
:-) of course; mutual admiration!

gretchenmist said...

it looks gorgeous! really love the design. am a fan of kristina's work too :)

sunshine gb march said...

lovely, lovely.

Julie said...



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