Saturday, June 5, 2010

up close

I spend most of my working day at Nest Studio, working with Carly as Umbrella Prints, screen printing fabric, emails, window display, chatting to customers, custom orders, designing and lots of fun times.

The sun has been shining this week so I thought I'd get outside and show you my view of our area of Magill Road and Stepney, South Australia. I love this area for its industrial character, tough old style plant life and mix of new and old architecture.

Our neighbours, you will meet, include designers, artists, glass-blowers, gallerists, architects, cafe, retailers and a beautiful jumbly approachable mix of antique sellers. Here are some closeups of textures I appreciate everyday.


holly fluxx said...

great textures!! <3

julie said...

How cute is the pale pink Bicycle sign - I love the contrast with the industrial setting.

Julie said...

Great to see you are loving your neighbourhood. Love the blue pony sign.


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