Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday moodboard #3

1. Bird medallion dress 7/8 by kinchimama, 2. tiny.moons by Sly Fox A, 3. 8 april. 10 am. by ethanollie, 4. "Pink Shoelaces" Illustration, 1959 Miehana, 5. amazing detail by Bizarre Records, 6. Panda mother and cub papercut by poyee 7. Celestial Temple by Le Petit Poulailler 8. white&bark by snapping twig, 9. tin overview by snapping twig

This week; Clare and Mark's beautiful wedding; conversation with new friends and old friends, missing G, contrasts, opportunities, feeling cold, indoors and outdoors, death and life.

1 comment:

inaluxe said...

Amy, this is gorgeous! I sooooo love the bird medallion dress - wowee... that rocks. thanks for sharing... off to check out the links now. hope you're nice and cosy warm in this windy cold. :) Kristina


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