Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Id., Latin, short for "idem", "the same"

Last week Madeleine Hinchy asked us (Umbrella Prints) how we (Carly & I ) continue to manage separate bodies of work as individuals. I can't remember what I said exactly but it had me thinking.

Whilst we spend our time at Nest Studio working together on Umbrella Prints, Carly has been writing her own book and I've been exhibiting my papercuts/prints, and trying to squeeze in a little work on my drawings on wood (brooches and wall brooches) .

The only reason I can manage this type of work load is because it doesn't feel that much like work. Drawing is relaxing and meditative om :-)

Above pictures show the new backing cards for my brooches and a hint of a more formed identity for moi! Thankyou thankyou Carly for helping me crystalize an image that represents me and my work for retail stores. We had heaps of fun working on this and I love it!

Pattern House becomes my shop
Amy Prior becomes......me


Mookah said...

Looking forward to meeting you and Carly on Thursday, working out who does what, how it all works and seeing all your beautiful work in the flesh!

. said...

Amy...fantastic...and isnt it an added bonus when work...just doesnt feel like work..because you get so much enjoyment out of it..thanks for sharing x

flowerpress said...

Love the brooches and the cards!

my sisters and me said...

love the brooches AND the cards . . . and yes it is great when work is something you love doing!

sunshine gb march said...

love those brooches... so delicate and sweet. know the feeling about making being the fun part... once you get into it, lovely!


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