Monday, February 1, 2010


I love cutting up magazines and have amassed a huge collection of little pictures over the past 15 year. Sometimes its nice to wade through them and see what happens when different images are mixed. It is quiet work. The possibilities are endless.

This little grouping (above) is a mix of light, lace, birds, butterflies, music..the shape of the angel wings replicated in the shape of the cactus flower petals and the butterfly wings. It's nice to play and I find it fun arranging intuitively.

This one, brighter more dramatic, gothic. Reds, oranges, Toulouse, archway, curtains, graphic dots, Marilyn, angel, dark lace, drinking and daubing.


Eva said...

I do the same thing! I love magazines, sometimes too much to cut them,but when I do, I save the cut-outs carefully. Recently I have started making moodboards or inspiration boards,using my little treasuries and it's great fun! It is slow work, cause I (habitually) want the outcome to be perfect.
I love lace and butterflies too- show me more!!! :))
kind regards from Germany

Anna Lloyd said...

I confess I do this too, but I often stick them down to make collages. It's so calming and fun to boot!


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