Thursday, February 11, 2010

emerald starling

emerald starling by Stan Osolinki

I am reading David Attenborough's autobiography Life on Air (oh I love him so). His early travels to Africa are fantastic to read. Beautiful animal descriptions and discoveries; just him and his friend and 36mm film.
I was inspired to find out what an emerald starling looks like after its name kept popping out to me from the pages. Such a gorgeous bird.
Coincidently last night I came across my collection of green dress pictures. This is what I call a colour collision. Lush green....emerald starling... I think a new colour name joins the Umbrella Prints colour fold.


Julie said...

What a beautifully coloured bird! We have huge flocks of metallic starlings that nest in various parks around Cairns, They are black with a greenish sheen and have brilliant red eyes. The local Aboriginal people call them warrapitcha or red eye.

Julie said...



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