Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sugar + colour =

Fairy floss.

G and I lined up to see Father Christmas yesterday. It would have felt like an eternity in the line but for the girl in front with her family. We struck up a conversation based on her earrings and my shoes.....it was great to meet someone with such similar interests in such an unlikely environment and proves Adelaide isn't really that small if we haven't met before.

As the lineup slowly curves towards the magic cave and towards Father Christmas everyone passes David- the talking papier mache tree. By the time we passed him a sign appeared that said 'David-the talking tree has gone for a rest'. Anyone who believes in magic will understand why this message has prompted 24 hours of questions from G who could not understand why David's a) eyes weren't shut b) how he had gotten out without anyone noticing c) how a tree moves and d) how he could be gone but still be THERE?

I also had to explain why we could hear three different Santas ho-ho-ing whilst leaving the cave. Damn it I was really working hard! Still it was fun- think I might even do it all again next year!


Umatji said...

you're braver than me! we wrote letters instead...

flowerpress said...

It might be time for the "shop Santas aren't the real Santas" talk. It is accepted wisdom amongst the small people I know and their parents.
Everyone knows Santa is much too busy at this time of the year so he sends out his special helpers :-)

amy prior said...

exactly how I handled it; and you never know if its the REAL one.

As for the talking tree well I just told her it was a hired dude with a microphone who had just popped out for a fag and a hamburger!


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