Thursday, December 31, 2009

love and light

I keep going back to these beautiful images of the ABC home department store in NY photographed by Bridget Kelly . I'm thinking of a word to inspire next year 2010...haven't arrive at the right word for me yet but nearly!

My word for 2009 was 'flow', and symbolically that I did; in the form of moving physically and mentally towards a much brighter place. I know it sounds airy fairy but a word is like wings if you let it inspire you or an anchor if that's what you need. Really its all about positive attraction via thought....which!

Anyway most importantly HAPPPY NEW YEAR to you!


Umatji said...

did I read too fast or what was your word for 2010? I love the idea - makes me think//.//

amy prior said...

I haven't got quite the right one yet but soon!

aisling law said...

i love abc home, want to go back to New York especially for that shop! :)


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