Sunday, October 25, 2009

yellow and blue= green

This weekend was green. On Saturday Carly and I and Marco from Cul-de-Sac plus a wonderful team of ironers, helpers, DJs, screen washers, printed around 250 T-shirts with our 350 designs to recognise International Day of Climate Action. It was sunny and constant work but so much fun and everyone had a great time esp. the children running around in massive T-shirts.
Across the road and simultaneously the children at Nest Studio were sketching plants and then printing two colour monotypes and going for a third colour in the mix-green!
Today I learnt how to replant and plant native saplings and was then able to teach G a few new skills in the garden. All children should get their fingers into the dirt and often cause it feels good to connect in that way.

by Idris
by Holly


yardage girl said...

Great work, guys! Looks like everyone had a great day for a great cause.

x x x x Sarah said...

hi everybody!!
(that would be me holding the hairdryer)

Daniel said...

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