Tuesday, October 6, 2009

portrait to hold

Earlier this week I wrote about Adelaide based ceramicist Sunshine gb March and her recent collaboration with Umbrella Prints; making some beautiful vases and beakers with patterns inspired by a few of our patterned fabrics.

Sunshine has also been preparing a number of simple ceramic beakers onto which she will be hand drawing portraits of children. What I like best about these works is the subtlety of her linework- yes there is a heavenly portrait of your child there but its not obvious or cheesy like a photo mug. I cannot think of a more lovely treasure to have in you house or give to someone.

Sunshine's portrait beakers are made to order in time for Christmas via Nest Studio, 147 Magill Road, Stepney, South Australia.

Also, Sunshine has just started her own blog and would probably get a huge buzz from a comment or two her way :-)....as would I actually come to think of it wah


flowerpress said...

beautiful mugs, and love the silky oak colour, really unique, I will think of that colour as silky oak from now on :-) (p.s. and a comment for you!)

amy prior said...

ha! thankyou flowerpress x!


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