Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tim'rous beastie

Owls, elks, birds, foxes and more recently rabbits are cute an all- but well I just can't bond to an owl; their heads swivel all the way round and they don't blink enough (no offense to any owl lovers).

I like mouses I mean mice. They are small, quivery and mousey brown. I like mousey brown; mousey brown is an under-rated colour and rarer than red-heads for adults. You can't find mouse inspired items without searching really hard; going Mickey or going crystal at Bvlgari.

This mouse, in the picture above, is going to fly from Chicago to my wee-bitty housie for G. I don't need this mouse at all but I like it and I think G will like it too. I had one a lot like this when i was 4, except it was a brooch and had green emerald eyes.

These are my random late night insomniatic thoughts and Etsy purchases!

1 comment:

Umatji said...

Oh I had a mouse like that and still do but he is loved down to just eyes - no tail or ears anymore! Great to see the original which had faded from my memory.


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