Sunday, September 13, 2009


Not one of these amazing creatures, but behaviourly. I've given the 7 cardinal sins a good go today. After S bought a jack-hammer and G cried because her ears were hurting so much (wrath) I decided to go to my sister's house for the day.

We had breakfast at The Deli in Thebarton in the sun on the lounges out the back; eggs on toast, coffee and more coffee that combined with the croissants I had for lunch =gluttony. Had a read of their paper....hey there's me!!! (sorry it is a genuine buzz for me to see Umbrella Print's in the papers)- pride.

The rest of the day was literally spent on my sister S's enormous couch watching episode upon episode of Fox fashion reality Tv, reading Time Out magazines, having a foot spa, eating croissants and thinking not much with my other beautiful sister H over from Melbourne....sloth

I had such a good time.

Which leaves lust and envy and a few hours still left in the day!


x x x x Sarah said...

It was so nice to have a great sister/niecette day. Humanbean would have enjoyed herself too. G and I had fun at the park - lets do it again!

humanbean said...

I would certainly have enjoyed it all!!!


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