Monday, August 17, 2009


Lots of people love Sunday but I find it a weird type of day. Recently because of everything changing im finding it really hard to actually just STOP. I guess that would be called Momentum, which is great, Im not complaining, really im not but when I try to stop doing stuff its a bit like flinging myself out of a moving car- dazing, where am I, and

Also without getting too deep and meaningful when I was growing up Sunday was the day your Dad drives you home to your Mum and you say goodbye at the gate. In my head Sundays are always over-caste.

So Sundays are funny days; lots of places are shut; you drive around; you wash clothes; you go to the museum or wander the art gallery or Bunnings. OR! you go to The Big Rocking Horse (again!); .....actually this time it was really quite fun x

G didn't realize what was above her until we all shouted "look up, look up! What an amazing bird is the peacock!


Susan said...

Sounds a little bit like Adelaide has not changed.

Anonymous said...

What a great shot!!

asha said...

amy...send me an email with your personal email address so i can write to you!
Asha (

Gillian said...

Yes, good free fun for all. Too bad Sunday wasn't like Saturday or Monday or Tuesday (or pick any other day really) for you.


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