Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Paper covering the window creates a lightbox out of the shell that is becoming the new Nest Studio. Carly and I discovered this by accident whilst taking a few photographs of the shop and studio whilst we bring it to life in Stepney. The light makes taking photos a cinch because its soft and white.


jane said...

Carley and Amy.... Look at those rolls of fabulous fabric..... I can't wait to see the new venue displaying your fantastic talents on Magill Road!

holly fluxx said...

oooh i am so excited
that soft lighting is such a good realisation//happy accident!!
i hope the prep is going well

humanbean said...

How did your opening go?

umbrellabella said...

it was cool! lots of people and really positive feedback on the new space and location wish you could have come along- maybe next time xxx good luck with the play xxx

humanbean said...

Can I see pictures of your exhibition?


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