Thursday, July 2, 2009

lady...and birds

I don't really talk about my brooches that much or do I? I have been making them for about three years now and occasionally bring out a new everything seems to be laser cut (still loving it nevertheless) but I knew when I began that if I was going to beat the 'machine' I would have to something to my cut designs that no machine can do... so I started to draw on them and make every single one unique and special.

Earlier this year I was booked to exhibit at A Room of Her Own for SALA (South Australian Living Artists festival) but Ellie and Gloria, after much consideration, have decided to close their gallery :-( which renders Queen Street without a gallery and me without a venue. Luckily the work I had started for that show will now be exhibited at the new Nest Studio for SALA.

I have made these little birds which will also be on the walls of Nest Studio. I meant for them to be a surprise except the trays of them have been discovered and outed recently by some of the mums visiting the art classes-so be it!

Here are a few photographs. I think I will call them 'wishing birds' as they each carry a gift or a posy of wishes, ribbons, flowers and leaves. They are very simply added to sit about .5 cm out from a wall individually or in a group and create a lovely shadow. If you would like one please email me or come to the Nest Studio opening 6th August 6pm 147 Magill Road, Stepney, South Australia, everyone is invited x


Julie said...

These are such beautiful creations. Initially I thought the woman was a mixture of illustration on paper, fabric and cuttings from magazines or books. The birds are gorgeous! The leaf designs are so reminiscent of the 50's (a top favourite design era)Wouldn't they make fantastic brooches too. Beautiful work Amy x:)

Julie said...

Am all red cheeked. I was too hasty with my 50's call and would like to go back on it now, but not on what I said on my appreciation of your lovely leaf design.

Susan said...

I love the bird. I want a bird. Please.
You are so talented Amy.
Yay for you. And Carly.
Very excited for you both.

Susan said...

And I wish I could be there.

dorothybills said...

So glad I popped into your blog, you make amazing things, truly beautiful!

Vanessa said...

just beautiful!

Anna Lloyd said...

these are lovely!

Spin Spin said...

I love the birds, great! You have such a steady hand, unbelievable. Good luck with the exhibition :)


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