Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Our new fabrics are here! Introducing our new prints Grand Fanflower and Grand Hearts by Umbrella Prints. Whilst our customers are familiar with our Hearts and Fanflower textile prints (a perennial) we liked the idea of making them LARGE, we were told it couldn't work, but Carly and I made the potentially disastrous decision to do it anyway and to see what happened.

The effect is amazing and exciting for us because it creates a completely different tension and reading of the 'same' elements.......making new from familiar.

The drape of the fabric, beautiful curved on your body, leads these textiles to feel like more of an embrace than a kiss.


holly fluxx said...

these are so beautiful!!!
its like a micro//macro world!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is better bigger! They look GREAT!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

OMG!!! i loved the hearts before -but bigger is better- they both look greta, the top one would make a grat wall hanging- or curtains!!

Amy- did you get my email with more pictures of things I had made fro the giveaway?

meg dunley said...

Wow! I love it in the huge.


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