Sunday, May 10, 2009

mum day

One beautiful fuschia flower wrapped like a present in a crumpled napkin in G's sweaty open fist :-)

One delicious fresh walk in the hills around Hawthorndene with mum, sister, daughter.... breathing in the fresh air. Wild quince trees, rosehips, olive trees, blackberries, bmx tracks, walnut trees; a forest just like the Enchanted Forest would have been.

Things so clear and lucid and abundant- cue flock of birds flies past; cue perfect tiny nest in a tree with gold lichen; cue pure white horse galloping in slow motion- what? ......S and I both thinking someone must have spiked the scones.


humanbean said...

that sounds gorgeous!!!

umbrellabella said...

wish you were there too

humanbean said...

Thankyou Amy - I wish I was too.
Sweet message from Grace today.

holly fluxx said...

probably mum spiked the scones
can't wait to walk around mum's area!

Julie said...

You have created some beautiful images in my mind. Wild quinces - swoon. Sounds like Mother's Days was just how it should be x.


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